CV Select Soccer - Spring Registration Closed

What is Select Soccer?

Select Soccer is the new Competitive level program within CV.  It is available as an option to players born in 2008 or earlier.  Coaching is still parent led but teams can be formed and hire a licensed coach (paid directly by families).  Our CV Select teams play in a league that plays against other clubs within the Bay Area.  Our region has about a 40 miles radius so families need to understand that travel to away games can be long.

How do I join a CV Select Team?

If your player is interested in joining this program, choose the "Select" registration button.  If a parent coach is available in your player's gender/age group, we will share your contact information with the coach.  Placement on these teams is at the descretion of the coaches.  If no coach is available but there are enough players to form a team, we will host a meeting to see if parents are interested in either coaching or hiring a coach.  NOTE THAT PLACEMENT ON A CV SELECT TEAM IS NOT GUARANTEED!  If you player is not placed on a CV Select team, we will include him/her in the recreational program.  A refund of the addtional Select fee will be given at that time.  Full refund requests will be reviewed but are not guaranteed.

Cost: 2008/2007 birth year - $305 per player; 2006 and older $350 per player.