Return to Play FAQ for Parents

Our President, Pam Crone, is serving as our health safety officer. Both concerns and reports of illness should be directed to her. She can be reached at or 408-393-8878.

You may also report any deficiencies in compliance with Protocol requirements to County of Santa Clara Office of the District Attorney at or

Which safety guidelines are you adhering to?

At the moment, we are taking all guidelines from the CDC, County of Santa Clara, US Soccer, Cal North Soccer and other organizations into consideration. Our main point of reference however are the county guidelines as that is the most localized version of what is appropriate.

California Department of Public Health (Feb 19, 2021 Update)

  • Soccer may be played if county adjusted case rate = 14 per 100k or less
  • Local health depts and school districts may adopt stricter rules 
  • Face coverings to be worn by all (participants, coaches, spectators) when not participating in competition
  • Social distancing for all at all times off the field
  • Participants must sanitize hands before competition, during breaks, and after competition, if there is shared equipment
  • Nobody with symptoms may participate in competitions
  • Each participant must have a parent/guardian sign an ‘Informed Consent'
  • Spectators at games and practices limited to immediate household members
  • County-based competition, or between adjacent counties, if both counties are cleared
  • No tournaments or events with more than 2 teams
  • Only 1 competition per team, per day
  • Teams must not compete in out-of-state games or events

When will updated state guidelines go into effect?

New updated state guidelines come into effect on Friday, February 26, 2021

Who is responsible for the “Informed Consent” form indicated in the State Guidelines?

Each Club/League is responsible for creating their own “Informed Consent” form to be signed by a legal guardian and for maintaining copies of the forms with the team. Informed Consent Template

Will athletes need to be tested for COVID 19 in order to participate in soccer?

No, the only sports that require athlete testing are football, rugby, and water polo?

Can I watch my child play?

Generally, no. For everyone’s safety, we will limit the number of people on the field to just the players, the coaches and a Safety Monitor. We have designed the drop off and pick up so that parents do not need to leave their car. If you have safety concerns that require you to observe your child, you will have to do so from outside the fences. 

What do I do if my player or a member of our household becomes sick?
First and most important, attend to the sick person. Please see Santa Clara County Emergency Operation Center’s “If You Think You Are Sick” webpage for further instructions. In summary, the person should self-isolate, preferably in a separate room. Your player cannot return to the field until ten days after symptoms first appeared and three days with no fever.


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