Competitive Coaches

For coaches that want to see their recreational teams stay together and to further develop their coaching skills through education, partnerships with competitive coaches, etc.

  • Formation of Competitive Teams starts with an interested coach.
  • CVSJ helps coaches recruit players but the coach is ultimately responsible for reaching the minimum roster size (12 for 9v9 and 14 for 11v11).
  • Teams compete in competitive playing leagues (CalNorth/CYSA/CCSL or NorCal). Includes regionally based leagues for Premier, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper level teams.
  • Coaches are volunteers and can choose whether to coach just one season or both.
  • Prior to the second season of play, coaches must complete the Grassroots Coach Education course for the level of play they are coaching (9v9 or 11v11).
  • For more information, please email Pam Crone at